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Fatah spokesman compares Israel to Coronavirus, accuses Israel of spreading the virus

Headline: “Fatah: Israel is the reason for the spread of the Coronavirus in occupied Jerusalem”

“The Fatah Movement said thatthe Israeli occupation authorities are the ones that caused the spread of the Coronavirus in occupied Jerusalem.

The movement added in a statement by its [Fatah] Revolutionary Council member [and] Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi that when the occupation government arrests Jerusalem District Governor Adnan Ghaith (arrested April 5, 2020, for violating the Israeli ban on PA political activity in Jerusalem –Ed.), the Fatah secretary in Jerusalem, and the volunteer committees that are disinfecting the public places and raising the public’s awareness (sic., apparently refers to Palestinians arrested for illegal activity including graffiti),it is directly causing the spread of the dangerous virus in Jerusalem.

Al-Qawasmi emphasized that the occupation government has eased the spread of the virus within the West Bank cities through its measures with the Palestinian laborers. This is because it is implementing all the precautions and preventive measures with its citizens, while it is turning the wheels of its economy by relying on the Palestinian laborers, without [even] the minimum of medical safety measures.

He explained that the occupation authorities have opened the water passages to ease the passage of the laborers, and have refused to conduct lab tests on them before their return to the territories of the State of Palestine.

Al-Qawasmi emphasized that our people is fighting against two epidemics; the first is the Corona epidemic, and the second is the Israeli colonialism and racism that are spreading in the Israeli apartheid regime.”

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