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PA newsreader claims Israel opened holes in fences between Israel and PA areas to spread Coronavirus

Official PA TV News, on the Coronavirus pandemic

Official PA TV newsreader: “Fear and serious concern are befalling the residents here in the villages west of Jenin. This is after the occupation army opened breaches in the racial separation wall that stretches over their lands. Due to this, the possibility of passage for [Palestinian] laborers and others to and from the 1948 territories (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel) without medical supervision was created. This threatens to transfer the Coronavirus and its spread among the residents.”

Head of the Council of Tayibe Villages Khaled Jabarin: “These openings – as we saw and checked – the one who opened all of them is the Israeli army. These openings were made deliberately, for the entry of the [Palestinian] laborers and their exit through them.”

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