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Fatah youth movement: US ambassador is racist, obssessed with Zionist "delusions and myths", implicitly threatens him

Headline: "Fatah's Shabiba: Friedman's statements are fascist, racist, and worthless"

"The secretariat of Fatah's Shabiba [Youth] Movement in the West Bank published a statement through its foreign relations committee, in which it emphasized that the statements of US Ambassador in Israel settler David Friedman [published in an interview in The New York Times on June 8, 2019] – who emphasized Israel's right to annex parts of the West Bank – express a racist mentality. They stem from an obsession with Zionist, Talmudic (i.e., Jewish), and racist delusions and myths, and prove that this crazy man and his American administration… have become a real danger that threatens the security in the region and its stability…

Chairman of Fatah's Shabiba’s foreign relations committee Raed Debiy noted that Friedman's statements… are words in the air, which a crazy racist said without any legal or political basis that allows him to give the Palestinian land to occupiers.He addressed Friedman and said that he must learn well from history in order to understand that the Palestinian people, which has trumped over the passing invaders, will spit him, and his master [US President Donald] Trump out, that Palestine will remain free and Arab, and that he and the occupation will go to Hell.

He emphasized thatFatah’s Shabiba is ready for every scenario and all options for the freedom of our people and our Palestinian country. He also noted that our people that stands firm on its land can turn the tables and return matters to the correct path by reexamining our national options and uniting around the resolve of our Palestinian leadership, led by brother [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas."

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