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Fatah official: Israel's fate is to dissapear

Official PA TV program Reporters in the Field, report on Fatah rally supporting PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Tubas, interview with Fatah Secretary in Tubas Mahmoud Sawafta

Fatah Secretary in Tubas Mahmoud Sawafta: “The message to the Israelis is that playing in the Palestinian arena [will make it so] that your fate is to disappear, and it is this occupation’s fate to disappear… We call on all of the masses of our people for more unity in order to thwart the American plans (i.e., possibly refers to US President Trump’s yet unrevealed peace plan ”the deal of the century” -ED.), because we also- This people is a mighty people; we are not like the Jews who told our lord Moses, peace be upon him: ‘Go, you and your Lord, and fight’ [Quran, Sura 5:24, Sahih International translation].”

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