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Fatah presents various maps of "Palestine" that erase Israel

Video and text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page


The screenshot shows a woman in a medical gown and cap wearing a mask and gloves and embracing the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas in the colors of the Palestinian flag.

Text on screen: “Do not be afraid, beloved Palestine, you will be fine”


The screenshot shows a Palestinian couple with a baby and a bag of possessions standing and watching in amazement as US President Donald Trump is walking off carrying a large bag with a dollar sign on it, a stereotypical caricature of a Jew with a large nose and a Star of David on his hat is walking off carrying the Dome of the Rock, and an Arab in traditional garb of the Gulf states is walking off carrying a fancy chair.

Text on screen: “The deal of the century (i.e., refers to US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan; see note below)”


Medical personnel with “The doctors” written next to them are pulling a rope to help the PA map of “Palestine” with “Palestine” next to it climb out of a ditch and away from Coronavirus particles with “The virus” written next to them. A man with “Not respecting the law” written next to him is reaching up from underground to try and cut the rope with scissors, while a police officer with “The police” written next to him is holding the man’s ankle to prevent him from cutting the rope.

Text in upper left:

The screenshot shows PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh.

Text on screen: “The real weakness against the Corona epidemic is the occupation and its measures to thwart our efforts.”



The screenshot shows barbed wire.

Text on screen: “The prisoners are dealing with the prison guard and the Coronavirus”




A boy is holding a Palestinian flag and wearing a keffiyeh (Arab headdress) and writing on the PA map of “Palestine” the following:

“Palestine is from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River, and its capital is Jerusalem. We have no other branches.”

Text in upper right corner: “To the mediators of the so-called ‘deal of the century’”


A rose in the shape of the PA map of “Palestine.”





The name “Theresa Halsa,” a terrorist hijacker who died of cancer on March 28, 2020. The first name “Theresa” is partially composed of an AK-47 assault rifle, and the last name “Halsa” is partially composed of a map of Jordan and the PA map of “Palestine.”




An AK-47 assault rifle us overlaid on the PA map of “Palestine.”

Text to the left of the map: “The path to Palestine”

Text under the map: “The path to Palestine is not near and is not far – it is the distance of a revolution”



The Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Text on screen: “Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine”




A person is waving a Palestinian flag while emerging from a tunnel through an opening in the shape of the PA map of “Palestine”

The Trump peace plan – US President Donald Trump announced his Israel–Palestinian peace plan "Peace to Prosperity" – commonly known as “the deal of the century” - on Jan. 28, 2020. Main points of the plan: 1- Israeli sovereignty would be applied to the Jordan Valley and all Israeli towns and cities in the West Bank. 2- Jerusalem, including all its holy sites, would remain under Israeli sovereignty with accommodations made to enable access for Palestinians. 3- The remainder of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and part of what is currently Israeli land in the Negev, the Galilee, and Jerusalem - creating a territory almost equal in size to the West Bank and Gaza Strip - would form the Palestinian state, with its capital in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem that are outside of Israel's security wall. 4- The Palestinian state would be demilitarized, with Israel responsible for external security and controlling all airspace. 5- All Palestinian prisoners except murderers, and those who attempted or conspired to murder would be released. 6- Palestinians in refugee camps would be absorbed into their host countries and, subject to certain limitations, into the Palestinian state. 7- Before becoming a state, the Palestinians would have to carry out extensive reform of their laws and institutions, including implementing a new governing system; granting its people due process and basic human rights and freedoms; end all incitement to and incentivizing of terror; end all glorification of terror and martyrdom; disarm Hamas; and adopt a culture promoting peace. The goal of the plan is to create a Palestinian state beside Israel, living in peace and security. The implementation would be facilitated through extensive international investment. 


Theresa Halsa – 17-year-old female Israeli Arab terrorist and a member of the Black September terror organization, a secret branch of Fatah, who participated in the hijacking of Sabena flight 571 from Vienna to Tel Aviv in May 1972. When the plane landed in Israel, the terrorists demanded the release of 315 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons. Israel mounted a rescue operation led by Ehud Barak (who later served as Israeli Prime Minister), in which Benjamin Netanyahu (who also later served as Israeli Prime Minister) participated. During the rescue the two male hijackers, Ali Taha Abu Snina and Abed Al-Aziz Atrash, were killed, and one passenger, 22-year-old Miriam Anderson, was also killed accidentally. The two female hijackers, Rima Tannous and Theresa Halsa, were captured and sentenced to life imprisonment – Halsa for 220 years. They were released in November 1983 in a prisoner exchange. Halsa was expelled to Jordan where she lived until she died of cancer on March 28, 2020.

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