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PA urges suicide bombings: “Strap on the explosive belt… How sweet is the taste of Martyrdom”

Official PA TV Live  |

Caption: "Handala band"
Lyrics: “Strap on the explosive belt
Detonate the first in Haifa
and the second in Atlit (i.e., Israeli cities)
Do not let the usurper (i.e., Israel)
Make him constantly terrified...
O my enemy,
this is the day you have never seen...
Strap on the Molotov cocktails
and the AK-47 bullets
Make the tyrant constantly afraid,
and may a volcano of oil boil below him...
Strap on the belt, O daughter of my land,
and detonate it in front of the enemies
How sweet is the taste of Martyrdom,
I have found none like it...
O Wafa [Idris] and Ayyat [Al-Akhras] (i.e., female suicide bombers)
You have lifted our heads to the heavens
Our public is now following you
by the thousands”

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