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PA: All of Israel is “Palestine” and “ours” - in song on official PA TV LIVE

Official PA TV Live  |


"O Paradise of Allah on His land

We love you Palestine

From your sea, from its high tide and its low, breezes of longing have blown

O Father, and we will sing: Onward ship, bring us to Haifa and Acre (i.e., Israeli cities),

Cast anchor for us at beautiful Gaza, so that we will spend a sleepless night with the fishermen

We love Jerusalem and Ramallah, we have not forgotten Hebron’s vineyards

Onward to Lod and Safed (i.e., Israeli cities), we will reach Nablus and the Galilee (i.e., in northern Israel)

We won’t relinquish Tulkarem

We won’t agree to a replacement for Jaffa (i.e., an Israeli city)

We desire Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva (i.e., Israeli cities) and Jenin

They are ours – Beit Shean and Tiberias, Ramle and the Jezreel Valley (i.e., all in Israel)

It is ours – historical Jericho, we have longed for the Negev (i.e., southern Israel) and Samaria

In Arab Bethlehem, my grandfather’s home still stands.

They are ours – Beit Sahour, Arraba, Yatta, and Ni’lin,

Rafah, Khan Yunis, and Al-Majdal (i.e., the Palestinian Arabic name for the Israeli city of Ashkelon), and even Birzeit and Silwad

They are ours – Tubas from the beginning, in the Carmel (i.e., in northern Israel) we have descendants.

Our Birzeit will not be replaced – our lands need to return [to us]

From Umm Al-Rashrash (i.e., the Palestinian Arabic name for the southern Israeli city of Eilat) to Metula (i.e., a northern Israeli city)

– Palestine is ours. Palestine is ours. Palestine is ours."

The song misrepresents the following places in Israel as "Palestinian": Jerusalem, Lod, Safed, the Galilee, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva, Beit Shean, Tiberias, Ramle, the Jezreel Valley, the Negev, Haifa, and Acre.