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Fatah links top professional freerunner Lynn Jung to its terror promotion; Jung’s signature appeared with picture of murderer Dalal Mughrabi on imaginary PA currency

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

As part of its continuous terror promotion, Abbas’ Fatah Movement is now linking the famous professional freerunner Lynn Jung with one of the most notorious Palestinian terrorist murderers.

On its official Facebook page, Fatah asked in English, “What if we had a Palestinian coin (sic), what would it look like?” and posted a series of imaginary Palestinian bills. Jung’s signature and name appear as “Minister of Treasury” in the center of all the bills beneath the logo of the Palestinian Authority. The imaginary 20 pound bill carries the picture of Palestinian terrorist and child-murderer Dalal Mughrabi who led a bus hijacking and murder of 12 Israeli children and 25 adults in 1978.

Lynn Jung has nothing to do with Palestinian terror. As her website states: “Lynn Jung is a professional freerunner and parkour athlete based out of London UK and Luxembourg. Often referred to as one of the parkour scene’s leading female athletes, Lynn has travelled the world to train and compete in some of the most renowned competitions within parkour.” []

Jung’s signature appears at the top of her website.  It is that signature that has been embedded in the center of the imaginary bill honoring the terrorist posted by Abbas' Fatah Movement.

Palestinian Media Watch assumes that Lynn Jung is unaware of this misuse of her name, and that she has not endorsed any of these imaginary bills, least of all the one honoring a terrorist who led the murder of 37 civilians.

Murderer Dalal Mughrabi is one of the most notorious of Palestinian terrorists, having led the most lethal terror attack against Israel. The PA has turned her into a role model for society, naming schools, streets, and buildings after her. When PMW notified Norway, Denmark, and Belgium, for example, that money they had given to Palestinians was used to build institutions named after this terrorist they all condemned the PA and demanded their money be returned.

PMW has notified Lynn Jung of Fatah’s post and the misuse of her name on the imaginary currency in general and in conjunction with a terrorist murderer, in particular, and will publicize her response as soon as we receive it.

PMW notified the Jerusalem Post which contacted Lynn but has also not yet received a response. The Post article included the following:

Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Senior Analyst at Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) told The Jerusalem Post:

"This is not only another example of horrific terror glorification, but is insulting to the name and reputation of Lynn Jung.

"In order to turn terrorist murderers into role models, the PA has named schools, buildings, streets as well as everything connected to sports after the worst terrorists.Abu Jihad planned the murder of 125 Israelis and he has a yearly football tournament named after him. Salah Khalaf was responsible for the Olympic Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and the PA named a major sports center after him.

"Dalal Mughrabi murdered 12 children and 25 adults and she has sports festivals and Karate tournaments named after her. So it is not surprising that Fatah placed the name and signature of a top athlete Lynn Jung, next to the face of a mass murderer on its imaginary Palestinian currency."