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Danish Journalist May 2010

Mikael Jalving in Jyllandsposten  |
Excerpt from op-ed by Mikael Jalving in Jyllandsposten May 27, 2010

"... But honestly: Who can be bothered to take an interest in the Palestinian Authority, when you do not live nearby and would rather get some sun, lower taxes and have the Christiansborg (Danish Parliament) politicians sent off on summer holiday?
The other day I was, however, awakened from my slumber and innate indifference to the world's miserable state. It happened during a meeting with an Israeli non-governmental organization called Palestinian Media Watch.
The organization's founder and director Itamar Marcus spoke a professional and calm English, but the evidence he presented, which can be found here [link to PMW’s report], is shocking, no matter what else you think about the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis and the so-called peace process."
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