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Abbas commiserates with Egypt over terror attack

Headline: “The [PA] president condemned the terror attack and expressed condolences over the Egyptian army’s Martyrs: Terror will not rob Egypt of its position”

“[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the terror attack that took place on Thursday [April 30, 2020] south of the city of Bir Al-Abd in the Sinai (i.e., refers to bombing against Egyptian soldiers claimed by ISIS that inflicted 10 casualties).

The president expressed full condolences on behalf of the Palestinian leadership and Palestinian people over the Egyptian army’s righteous Martyrs who ascended [to Heaven] while fulfilling their national duty, and called on Almighty Allah to grant a speedy recovery to all of the heroic wounded and that He bestow consolation and patience to the Martyrs’ families. He emphasized that terror will not rob Egypt of its position, and that its strong army will remain the first line of defense of Egypt and the Arab nation.”