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“Cooperation with the occupation is treason” - PA and Fatah against “normalization” with Israel

Official PA TV Live  |

Texts on screen:
“Fatah: Cooperation with the occupation and its institutions is treason”

“Fatah Revolutionary Council: We’ll strike with an iron fist and not go easy on those who agree to a truce with the occupation” …

“The Palestinian Federation of Industries stresses its commitment to the leadership’s position and its refusal to cooperate with Israel”

“The Private Sector Institutions Coordination Council: We support the leadership’s decisions, and won’t allow cooperation with Israel”

[Official PA TV Live, June 1, 6, 8, 9 (twice), 13, 2020]

The PA began broadcasting this filler following PA Chairman Abbas’ announcement on May 19, 2020, that the PA had absolved itself from all agreements with Israel in response to Israel's presumed future annexation, i.e., applying Israeli law, to the Jordan Valley and the Jewish cities and towns in the West Bank.


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