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PA Daily: Israel responsible for death of millions

"Leaders of the world states, and more precisely the five largest states that dictate the [UN] Security Council resolutions, will understand that their personal or collective victory over the attack of the hidden creature (the Coronavirus) [parentheses in source] will remain lacking as long as the Israeli racist settlement epidemic of occupation and colonialism, [which has continued] for the last 100 years or so, is not permanently eliminated;this 'artificial virus' – which was planted in the cultural heart of the Middle East and at the sacred meeting points of the faithful of the monotheistic religions (Palestine) [parentheses in source] – was and still is a central reason for the death of millions of people, the poor economic condition of the region’s states, and their cultural lag. The reason for this is the conflicts and wars that the racist occupation system in Tel Aviv has worked diligently to ignite, and the distraction of the region's peoples, states, and governments in a way that keeps them from progressing in the areas of democracy, scientific research, and economic growth. And not only this – it also intentionally disrupts the activity of the State of Palestine's health authorities, whose goal is to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, as [PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh explained to the ambassadors and consuls in the State of Palestine and in the European Union when he met with them via video conference."

Excerpt of op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah Revolutionary Council member and regular columnist for the official PA daily