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Erekat drools over ICC for stance against the "occupation’s crimes"

Official PA TV newsreader: “[PLO Executive Committee Secretary Saeb] Erekat says that International Criminal Court (ICC) General Prosecutor [Fatou Bensouda’s] report is a brave step in the right direction towards launching an investigation…

Saeb Erekat, the head of the national committee responsible for contact with the ICC, expressed appreciation for the brave and responsible report of ICC General Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, and for her response to the comments of the participants in the discussions determining the ICC’s regional authority over Palestine, relying on what [the national committee] conveyed to the [ICC’s] preliminary department (apparently Pre-Trial Chamber I –Ed.).

Erekat expressed his pride in Bensouda’s commitment to the mandate given to her in order to guarantee the demand for accountability and justice, which is what the ICC was established for. He emphasized the significance of this step, since it contributes to the protection of the Palestinian people’s rights against the occupation’s crimes.”

Saeb Erekat also serves as Fatah Central Committee member and PLO Chief Negotiator