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Terrorist recorded motive on phone before attack: “I’m not a spy, I never betrayed the homeland”

Terrorist Ahmed Erekat: "Of course your brother isn’t (i.e., I’m not) a spy and nothing like that. I’ve never betrayed the homeland in my life... I only feared one thing. No one was as usual. If I would have known- if everyone would have known what the problem was… When I began to speak I- my brothers and sisters were not involved in this."


Note: In the past, Palestinians who have been accused of working for Israel, have committed terror attacks to clear their names.


The terrorist’s video was found on his phone after his death.

[Twitter account of Israeli journalist Shimrit Meir, June 24, 2020]

Ahmed Erekat - Palestinian terrorist who wounded an Israeli border police officer in a car ramming attack at a security checkpoint near Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, on June 23, 2020. In defense, Israeli security personnel shot and killed him. Ahmed Erekat was a relative of PLO Executive Committee Secretary Saeb Erekat. The PLO claimed that the attack was an "accident" and that Erekat was killed by Israel "in cold blood." The attack was caught on security cameras, showing Erekat suddenly accelerating and swerving to hit the officer.

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