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PA arrest anti-corruption activist for FB post

“The [PA] Attorney General’s Office said that the arrest of civilian Fayez Al-Sweiti comes amid circumstances of slandering, attacking, and defaming a number of national institutions and the [PA] Security Forces and accusing them of bribery and accusing [PA] public employees of bribery without any evidence on his Facebook page. Yesterday evening, Thursday [July 9, 2020], the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that it is working diligently to expose the truth based on the principle of transparency and protecting the rights. It added that in light of the statements published by the civil society institutions, and particularly the Independent Authority for Human Rights, and what was said on social media regarding the circumstances of civilian Fayez Al-Sweiti’s arrest, it emphasizes the legality of the measures that have been implemented against him, and explained that we are still at the initial stage of investigation…

The statement emphasized that the Attorney General’s Office will always guarantee freedom of expression and thought for all the civilians, without allowing anyone to harm the honor of others, make accusations against them, and harm them without evidence.




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