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Fatah: Right to Palestine, based on Canaanite heritage

“[Fatah] Revolutionary Council member and Fatah Movement Spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi said in response to the statements of American Ambassador [to Israel David Friedman] (apparently refers to his statement that there will be a Palestinian state “when the Palestinians become Canadians”; see note below –Ed.): ‘Friedman’s statements are racist and repulsive, and they express a hate-filled Zionist method and system, while he discounts the international consensus that opposes the policy of annexation and colonialism.’

Al-Qawasmi emphasized: ‘The Palestinian people with all its elements will defend its land and its homeland of Palestine. We will not submit to the policy of hegemony and wild behavior, and we will not agree to the policy of determining facts on the ground. Its right to Palestine is historical and eternal. We, the Canaanite Palestinians, are remaining in our homeland of Palestine, while they will leave.’”


In an interview with the Israeli paper Israel Hayom published May 8, 2020, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said: “[People on the Right] say they can't agree to a Palestinian state, because the Palestinian state will be a terrorist state that will continue to threaten Israel, will continue to incite, pay terrorists, we can't live with them. I understand them, but [we are saying] you don't have to live with that Palestinian state, you have to live with the Palestinian state when the Palestinians become Canadians. And when the Palestinians become Canadians all your issues should go away. We are not going for the approach – and we're serious – [that] administrations in the past [have, when they] were willing to overlook the risks of living side by side with the Palestinians. The difference between us and everybody else is we don't give anybody a pass. If they can't achieve those milestones in the plan, we will be the last ones to encourage Israel. We have no interest in recognizing any state that doesn't reach those milestones anywhere around the world, [we will not recognize a state] that's going to be a terrorist state or a theocracy or one that glorifies terrorism, we don't want it for us, let alone Israel.”

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