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PA TV glorifies terror and Martyrdom: “Escalate with bullets and bombs… The Martyrs’ blood illuminates our path”

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"At the bases we waved the Degtyaryov [machine gun] and the RPG
We went into the midst of death with our bullets and we did not fear
We carried out the operation (i.e., terror attack) and returned home…
You’ll find us from Rafah (i.e., southern Gaza) to Rosh HaNikra (i.e., northern Israel)
Our revolution is in every village and city…
We’ll fight with short[-barreled rifles], daggers, and Martin [rifles]
All of the masses are self-sacrificing fighters
We are used to death and sacrifice...
This is our path, we’ll not desist from it
For your sake, our revolution, we are insignificant…
We are bold wherever the enemy is
O our revolution, strike with your legs, strike!
Escalate with our bullets and our bombs…
The blood of the Martyrs illuminates our path…
We pledge to the revolution - we won't relinquish our weapons."

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