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Is PA TV again passing on coded messages to Palestinian prisoners?

Official PA TV host: "Waddah Adili [sends] “a greeting of honor and pride for all our prisoners.” We have [a greeting] from Muhannad Shawabkeh. Your message is long… I contacted the prisoner’s wife and you. Allah willing you will be a guest via Skype – you and the family – so that Abd Al-Baset can see you. What I can say from the long message is that I can reassure all the guys: Everyone who had something entrusted to him – that which was entrusted reached him."

[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, May 7, 2020]

In 2013, PMW documented that terrorist Nidal Amar sent a coded message via official PA TV of his plan to kidnap an Israeli soldier to force his terrorist brother's release from prison.
His coded message on PA TV was: "The calf (i.e., Israeli soldier) will soon be in the cage, and we'll celebrate the freedom of all prisoners."
Four months later, he kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Tomer Hazan.

In this program there is no way of knowing if the message: “Everyone who had something entrusted to him – that which was entrusted reached him,” was a coded message. Nothing prevents people outside of prison from using this PA TV program to send coded messages to terrorist prisoners.

Abd Al-Baset Shawabkeh - serving 30 years in prison. He was arrested in 2002. PMW has been unable to determine the details of his crime