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PA TV shows imprisoned murderer his daughter conceived of his smuggled sperm

Official PA TV host: "Let us return to Sana’a Daqqa (i.e., wife of murderer Walid Daqqa) so we can see pretty Milad. We want [to see] Milad alone in the frame, so Walid can see her now through the program Giants of Endurance for the first time, despite the occupation and the occupation’s cruelty. We are now seeing Milad. Walid Daqqa sees you now. We send him all the love and blessings in Gilboa Prison…"

Wife of murderer Walid Daqqa, Sana’a Daqqa: "We think that Walid actually freed himself from prison with the birth of Milad... This is the greatest victory and defiance... I want to thank PA TV, and you [host] Samer, because without PA TV Walid wouldn’t have been able to follow and see the birth of Milad."

Walid Daqqa - Israeli Arab member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He is serving a life sentence for being part of the squad that kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984. 

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