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PA TV brags about smuggled sperm's “difficult” journey from prison to clinic to insemination of terrorist's wife

"How many children?"
"How do you feel about Yaman's birth?"
"Did Nasr meet Yaman?"
"Ashkelon Prison"

Official PA TV host: "Our topic today is slightly odd, making one sad and happy at the same time: Smuggled sperm, which passes through strange stations and begins with the first and most difficult step, which is the smuggling of this sperm out of the prison... Then the occupation checkpoints - checkpoint after checkpoint - and the sperm travels through cities and villages until it reaches the medical clinic that specializes in insemination. It is inserted into the wife of the prisoner who smuggled the sperm over the [prison] fence to create a pregnancy. The wife of the heroic prisoner carries in her womb the child of tomorrow, one of Palestine’s hopes…"

Wife of murderer Nasr Abu Hmeid: "[I’m] Ala’, the wife of prisoner Nasr Abu Hmeid (i.e., terrorist, involved in murder of 4) who was sentenced to 5 life sentences… I have three [children]: 19-year-old Raed, 18-year-old Aed, and 1-year-old Yaman [born of] smuggled sperm. It’s a very good feeling, very special... [Nasr] saw him on [PA] TV and I took him once for a visit, the first time I visited at the Ashkelon Prison where Nasr is. The prison management didn’t let Yaman enter because they knew Nasr had been [in prison] for many years, and where did this baby come from? After suffering and after Nasr spoke a lot with the management, with the prison guard, we succeeded and got [Yaman] in, and [Nasr] saw him face to face and was really happy."

Nasr Abu Hmeid

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