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PA home videos: Children are taught to see murderers as “heroes”

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

Remember home videos that people would make and submit to be shown on TV?

In the PA, home videos are being used to teach children to see murderers as “heroes”!

On a PA TV show for kids, O Children of Our Neighborhood, two such home videos were broadcast, showing very young kids addressing terrorists as the “heroic prisoners.” Holding a framed poster of terrorist Anas Allan who is serving 4 life sentences for transporting a suicide bomber who murdered 4 Israelis, two girls likened the imprisoned terrorists to “tall mountains” and “lions.” A young boy specifically mentioned murderer Allan, sending “love” to all prisoners:

Girls: “On behalf of Allah, we send all the words of pride to the tall mountains, to the lions crouching in their dens, to the heroes of this generous people, to the heroic prisoners. You are the symbol of endurance.”

Boy: “Our prisoner Anas Allan... I think of him every time I see his mother and his father, my neighbors. I see the pain of separation in the eyes of Um Mahmoud… He was sentenced to 4 life sentences and 25 years... I send love and greetings to every male and female prisoner and to all the prisoners’ families.”

 [Official PA TV, O Children of Our Neighborhood, July 18, 2020]

The poster below of terrorist murderer Anas Allan is the same as the one the girls are holding in the video:

Text above image of murderer: “It is inevitable that the night will vanish and the chains will be broken”

Text below image of murderer: “The heroic prisoner Anas Allan. Arrested on March 31, 2006, and sentenced to 4 life sentences”

Fatah’s logo is top left, the PA’s logo is on the right; two other logos below possibly belong to prisoners’ organizations.

 [Facebook page of “The heroic prisoner Anas Allan
- missing since the age of 20”, April 18, 2020]

Palestinian Media Watch has documented the PA’s abuse of their own children by educating kids to see terrorists as role models. Palestinian children are also educated to strive for Martyrdom and “offer their blood,” become child soldiers, and see themselves as mere “ammunition.”

Anas Allan – Palestinian terrorist who transported suicide bomber Ahmed Masharqa to carry out an attack in which 4 Israelis – Rafi and Helena Halevi, Reut Feldman, and Shaked Lasker – were murdered near the entrance to Kedumim, west of Nablus, on March 30, 2006. Allan is serving 4 life sentences and an additional 25 years.