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MKs call for Palestinian prisoners’ comission to be designated as terrorist – in response to PMW report


Members of Knesset are calling for the Palestinian Authority’s Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs to be designated a terrorist organization by the Israeli government…

“I call on you to add the Palestinian Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs to the List of Declared Prohibited and Terror Organizations. It is an organization whose very nature is to support terror, to which we should show zero tolerance,” MK Elazar Stern wrote to Defense Minister Benny Gantz… MK Oded Forer said “the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense must act immediately to… ensure that the Palestinian Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs be declared an illegal terrorist organization.”

MK Matan Kahana also joined in on the call. “The next necessary step, as recently recommended to US President Trump by Congressman Doug Lamborn, is to impose personal sanctions on public figures in the Palestinian Authority...”

“I welcome this important initiative by MKs. One of the great oversights in Israel's war on terror has been to ignore the involvement of the PA leaders and infrastructures they control," said the director of Palestinian Media Watch Itamar Marcus, whose report on the Palestinian Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs prompted Lamborn's request to Trump.

"The immunity from political consequences has been interpreted by the PA leaders as a green light to launch terror waves whenever they deem it politically expedient," Marcus added. "Targeting the PA institution that finances and rewards PA terror will send an important message to the international community and especially to the PA that no one involved in terror will have immunity."


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