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PA cleric: Jews are evil and should expect their death

Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa Najem: "The Prophet Muhammad, whom the Jews tried to murder more than once, by poisoning, by witchcraft by throwing stones at him and by all kinds of political assassination. He warned us of the Jews, the evil of the Jews and the deceit of the Jews. ... He waged war on them and expelled them from Arabia, saying: 'There shall not be two religions in Arabia.' He explained the character of the Jew in the Quran and in the Sunna (Islamic traditions) so that we would beware of them all the time and so that we would know how to deal with the Jews. ... Say to the Jews: 'Expect your graveyard! Expect the final battle.'"

Note: This sermon was given at a time when dozens of Israelis were being killed in suicide attacks carried out by Palestinians.