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"The son is always right, and the daughter is wrong" - message to kids from Palestinian parents

Victim of domestic violence Nour: “Since I was little I noticed that the family prefers male over female… [My parents] provided us with all our needs in life equally, but there were things-”
Official PA TV host: “Basic [things], like education.”
Nour: “Exactly, in which they prefer the son over the daughter… The mother prefers that the brother has control and power over the daughter for her entire life…”
Nour: “The son is always right, and the daughter is wrong. Everything she does in her life is a mistake. To visit her female friends is forbidden, even though all her friends visit each other, go out with each other, and manage their social lives normally. The boy can participate in whatever he wants, specialize in whatever field he wants – whether it is in education, school, [sports] competitions, or social activities. In contrast, for the daughter it is forbidden, forbidden, forbidden.”

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