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Joint committee to propel “the popular resistance… towards… a comprehensive popular intifada” says PLO official

PLO Executive Committee member Qais Abu Laila: "I think that the agreement itself to establish the United National [Leadership of the Popular Resistance] committee is an important step to restore the shine of the popular resistance, and to set it in motion towards becoming a comprehensive popular intifada…"
Host: "[PA] President [Abbas] said that he will not have any reservations about any decision that is made by these committees…"
Qais Abu Laila: "His position as president places him outside the framework… of the political conflicts, and therefore he emphasized that he will not oppose what you agree upon, nor any decision that you make. But he is also the head of the PLO. Therefore he needs to be part of this process, including consolidating a comprehensive strategy for a clear policy."

Qais Abu Laila also serves as Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).

The United National Leadership of the Popular Resistance – A committee to oversee and direct the “popular resistance” that was established following the meeting of the secretary-generals of the Palestinian factions - which include several terror organizations - on Sept. 3, 2020. In this committee, Fatah is coordinating openly with representatives of internationally designated terror organizations such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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