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Song portrays conflict between Israel and Palestinians as between Allah and Jews

"Where are the millions?
Where is the Arab people?
Where is the Arab rage?
Where is the Arab blood?
Where is the Arab honor?
Where are the millions? Where?
Allah is with us. He is stronger and greater than the Children of Zion
Even if they hang, kill and bury [me],
my land will not be humiliated
My red blood waters the greenery
with lemon flavor…
The fire of revolution is getting stronger
and flaring up. We are the victors…
My chest is a machine gun’s magazine,
where are you, my brothers? Where?"

This song “Where are the millions?” is famous for being used to motivate Palestinians to take to the streets and wage “intifada,” i.e., engage in violence against Israelis.
This version was performed by the band Sol.