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Netanyahu is the “Darkness” sending his “messengers” Trump and ‎Kushner - in PA TV song

‎"[Whether you] carry your weapons or not‎
Tomorrow a stream of the great people will roar ‎
It will roar towards Palestine and has been singing this revolution for years…‎
The Darkness sends its messengers
Tell him, Son of the Sun, tell him
Tell him: Leave, O Darkness! Stop trying in every way
Monster with horns dragging a tail
Break its horn and cut off its tail!‎
The merchant has changed his tune
My country's ear no longer heeds him…‎
He knocks on the door with his fangs"

This video of the song Son of the Sun by the Alashekeen band was first broadcast on ‎June 20, 2019, and was rebroadcast 26 times that year. It was broadcast again in 2020 ‎in January and February and on Sept. 15 - the day Israel signed peace agreements with ‎the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in Washington.‎

The Alashekeen band was declared a "national institution" by PA Chairman Abbas in ‎‎2010.

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