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Female suicide bomber felt “like a bride on her wedding day, preparing to go to ‎her groom”

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

During the Palestinian Authority’s terror war – the second Intifada – which lasted ‎almost 5 years and during which over 1,100 Israelis were murdered, terrorist Shifa Al-‎Qudsi took on a suicide mission. Planning to pose as a pregnant woman, the female ‎would-be suicide bomber was to carry 33 pounds of explosives hidden under a ‎maternity dress, and detonate it somewhere in the Israeli city of Netanya.‎

Luckily, her attack was thwarted and Al-Qudsi was arrested before she was able to ‎murder anyone.‎

Today she still recalls her thoughts and feelings while getting ready for the attack. In ‎an interview on Israeli TV last month, Al-Qudsi remembered how she felt joyous while ‎preparing to murder Israelis: “Like a bride on her wedding day, who is preparing to go to ‎her groom.”‎

Her attitude and belief that she was on her way to marry a male Martyr in Heaven, and ‎the fact that she still recalls that feeling fondly today, proves the success of the PA’s ‎brainwashing of Palestinians into believing that carrying out a terror attack and dying ‎for “Palestine” will award them a wedding in Paradise. ‎

Terrorist Shifa Al-Qudsi, Tulkarem, 2020: “They arrested me at 2:30 at night. ‎My operation (i.e., suicide bombing) was supposed to be at 5:00 in the morning. ‎At 5:00 in the morning I was supposed to go to them, put on the [explosive] belt, ‎and go to Israel.”‎

Interviewer: “And you weren’t afraid?”‎

Shifa Al-Qudsi, 2020: “Not at all. Not even a bit.”‎

The broadcast blends in part of an interview with the terrorist from 2002:‎
Shifa Al-Qudsi, Israeli Prison, 2002: “It isn’t suicide.”‎

Interviewer: “It’s suicide.”‎

Shifa Al-Qudsi, Israeli Prison, 2002: “No, it’s Martyrdom. A Martyrdom-‎seeking operation.”‎

Interviewer: “What goes through your heart, what goes through your head?”‎

Shifa Al-Qudsi,  2020: “Nothing. Nothing. You just think… like a bride on her ‎wedding day, who is preparing to go to her groom. That’s the only thing that ‎went through my head. I’m preparing to go to my groom, can you imagine?”‎

[Israeli TV 11, Sept. 14, 2020]‎

Palestinian Media Watch documented a similar response in 2004 when another ‎female suicide bomber was caught. She stated that her “reward would have been from ‎Allah” and that she would have become one of the 72 “Dark-Eyed Virgins” in Paradise ‎who marry the male Martyrs: ‎

Interviewer: “Had you succeeded in [your suicide] mission, what would have ‎been your reward?”
Rania Diab, female would-be suicide bomber: “The reward is from Allah, in ‎Paradise. The female Martyrdom-seeker becomes one of the Dark-Eyed Virgins, ‎and she marries one of the Martyrs.”‎

[Israeli TV  Oct. 1. 2004]‎

PMW has exposed numerous Palestinians expressing the Islamic belief that a Martyr's ‎‎- and even a suicide bomber’s – funeral is actually his wedding to the 72 Virgins in ‎Paradise. ‎

Shifa Al-Qudsi - Palestinian terrorist and would-be suicide bomber who was arrested on ‎April 11, 2002, hours before she was to commit her suicide bombing attack in a ‎supermarket in Netanya with 33 pounds of explosives hidden under a maternity dress. ‎Al-Qudsi was released after serving 6 years in prison, and following her release she ‎became an activist for the Israeli-Palestinian NGO Combatants for Peace, which is ‎involved in anti-Israel activity.‎

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