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PA TV libel: Israeli doctors “experiment” on Palestinians in Israeli prisons

Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance, on the death of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, after prisoner Daoud Talaat Al-Khatib died of a heart attack while serving an 18-year sentence; hosting released prisoner Samir Abu Fayed – PMW was unable to determine the nature of Al-Khatib and Fayed’s crimes

Released prisoner Samir Abu Fayed: “It is expected that every day a Martyr prisoner will die. I don’t want to provide a negative image or frighten the prisoners’ families. But in effect, every moment a Martyr could die.”… 


 Unfortunately this has become something expected. This is our situation inside the prisons, and of course this situation is a result of deliberate neglect, not natural negligence. Deliberate neglect is different than negligence. This is deliberate and calculated neglect. You go to the clinic, or to the so-called ‘clinic,’… There is no diagnosis for the prisoner’s illness to define his treatment. He gives you experiments, and I’m not exaggerating – this is the reality of the situation. Most of the medicine that we take are pain relievers or experimental – if the precise term is experimental, like a [laboratory] test. [If] it worked for you, it worked. [If] it didn’t work, there is no solution.”