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PA Mufti: Sharia’h obligates every Muslim to wage Jihad ‎against what the PA calls “the thieving Jews”‎

Official PA TV host: "All the religious rulings that were issued by the nation’s ‎religious scholars obligated fighting against the thieving Jews, and they don’t ‎disagree on banning normalization with the Zionists. But some (i.e., the UAE ‎and Bahrain) reinterpret these texts and welcome the normalization…‎"

PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein: "The texts clearly say that if an inch of the ‎Muslims’ lands (i.e., including all of Israel) is stolen, Jihad becomes a ‎personal religious commandment for everyone who is capable of it. This is ‎the Shari’ah law that the religious legal scholars have followed from the ‎beginning, from the days of the companions [of Muhammad]. The fact that ‎the Muslims cannot – in some of the Islamic lands, or in some of the Arab ‎lands –restore [their lands], doesn’t mean that the ruling has changed. No, ‎the religious ruling is firm, valid, and present. The minimum we demand from ‎those (i.e., the UAE and Bahrain) who are trying to twist the texts is that they ‎read the texts correctly and not distort them… [It is forbidden] for them to make ‎religious legal rulings while changing the texts and twisting the texts, ‎according to the whims of this or that ruler (i.e., the UAE and Bahrain). This is ‎forbidden for them, and Allah will ask them about this.‎"

SLIDE: The Mufti believes that all of Israel is holy Islamic land and that Islam ‎prohibits Muslim acceptance of Israel’s existence:‎

Muhammad Hussein: “The land of Palestine is waqf (inalienable ‎religious endowment in Islamic law). It must not be relinquished nor ‎must any part of it be sold... It is the duty of the leaders of the [Islamic] ‎nation and its peoples to liberate Palestine (i.e., all of Israel) and ‎Jerusalem, to prevent the Judaization in it."    [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, ‎March 23, 2015]‎

Muhammad Hussein also serves as Deputy Secretary-General and acting Secretary-General of the PLO Popular National Conference of Jerusalem.

The Mufti used the term "fard ayn" which is a personal Islamic commandment ‎incumbent on every Muslim to describe the seriousness of the obligation to ‎wage Jihad. ‎

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