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Gaza flotilla confrontation reveals Israel's "ugliness" and "inhumanity"

"The Israeli attack on the ships of the Freedom Flotilla… is more than piracy and more serious than a massacre in its ugliness and its inhumanity. It is worse than a crime and contempt for international laws and covenants. First and foremost it is a fascist blow to defenseless civilians, whose sole weapon is their belief in the human cause… This is the true nature of Israel, so we cannot blame it. It is a gang dressed up as a state, not hesitating to carry out any crime whatsoever in order to achieve its aims and objectives, which are based on aggression, racism and contempt for others, ranging from the forging of passports of friendly countries to piracy at sea. Actually, in the extent of its crime it has surpassed the pirates, since the latter do not cause the death of anyone on the deck of the ships which they rob."

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