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Normalization of Israel is a “humiliating race into the Israeli occupation state’s embrace” says PA daily

Excerpt of an editorial of the official PA daily:


“Authentic Arab culture – the culture of the people with legitimate and noble aspirations, which is borne by the values of truth, justice, and beauty – has a language that does not transgress against the Palestinian cause … 

normalization, produces nothing but this nonsense that repulsively repeats the Zionist narrative’s lies regarding Palestine and the Palestinians, as part of a humiliating race into the Israeli occupation state’s embrace. This nonsense, the Saturnian normalization nonsense, has no connection to the authentic Arab culture. The proof of this is the dramatic works of this nonsense (refers to the Saudi TV series “Exit 7” and “Umm Haroun,” which many Arabs have accused of promoting “normalization” with Israel by showing positive depictions of Jews –Ed.), which currently, according to artistic standards and the absence of objective criticism and moral censorship, are among the worst, most inferior, and shallowest dramatic works in terms of screenplay, direction, and acting.”