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Hamas “cannot under any circumstances be labeled as terrorists” states PA/Fatah leader

Al-Jazeera TV (Arabic)  |

Al-Jazeera TV YouTube channel, interview with PLO Executive Committee Secretary, Fatah Central Committee member, and PLO Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat


PLO Executive Committee Secretary and Fatah Central Committee member Saeb Erekat: "First of all, we are under occupation. The US and Israel have attempted to label the Hamas as a terrorist movement. We are speaking frankly. And they attempted [this] with full power at the [UN] General Assembly (refers to proposed resolution that did not pass in a vote on Dec. 6, 2018; see note below –Ed.). [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO, and its factions stood against this resolution, and we won. We are a people under occupation, and if Israel submits a lawsuit – and a lawsuit has [already] been submitted against President Abbas at the ICC – we have the ability to defend ourselves. We are a people that is defending itself. We are a people under occupation. We cannot under any circumstances be labeled as terrorists." 

UN Resolution condemning Hamas - The US proposed a resolution to condemn the terror organization Hamas for firing rockets into Israel and inciting violence, and demanding that it and other terrorist groups such as Islamic Jihad cease their terror activities, including the use of airborne incendiaries. The proposal was voted on by the UN General Assembly on Dec. 6, 2018. Although it received a majority of the votes, the proposal did not receive the two thirds needed to be ratified.

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