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PA falsely accuse USA ambassador of plotting to kill Abbas, saying that he is “inciting murder and assassination”

Excerpt of an op-ed by Fawzi Ali Al-Samhouri 

Headline: “Friedman’s threats are a double crime against international law and Palestine” 

“The greatest crime in the series of crimes that the administration of [US President Donald] Trump continues to commit in order to support the policy of war criminal [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and his camp against the State of Palestine… is what Trump’s ambassador in the occupation state, the racist settler [David Friedman], declared a number of days ago [on Sept. 17, 2020] when he called to bring down the legal president of the State of Palestine (sic., Friedman made no such statement about replacing PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, but rather the paper that interviewed him ran a typo that it later corrected; see note below)… 

This declaration has only one explanation: a plan to assassinate [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas… 

The plan to bring down the president [Abbas] of a state that is recognized by the overwhelming majority of world states is a great and clear crime that is being committed premeditatedly, and which obligates putting on trial the terrorist Friedman who is inciting murder and assassination.”

The Israel Hayom interview with US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman referred to in the article initially ran a typo in Friedman’s response to a question about whether the US is considering the possibility of appointing former Fatah leader Muhammad Dahlan, who lives in the UAE, as the next Palestinian leader. The corrected article reads: “Friedman replied: ‘We're not thinking about it,’ we have no desire to engineer the Palestinian leadership.” However, initially the “not” in Friedman’s answer “We’re not thinking about it” was left out. The author of the article, journalist Ariel Kahana, noted the typo and its correction on his Twitter account the same day the article was published.