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Don't say “Israel” in the meaning of “land” and “history” because “we don't recognize it” - Palestinian writer

Palestinian writer and author Bakr Abu Bakr: “It has disturbed me [to hear] the excessive use of the word “Israel” among many of the Arab politicians… while the Israelis for example don’t use the word “Palestine” at all… They don’t use the word “Palestine”… since the word “Palestine” has three meanings, and it is so with [the word] “Israel” too. The first meaning of the word “Palestine” is land – land and geography. They don't recognize Palestine – the land and geography…The second point is history. They have a different history, in which they call [the land] “Israel” … The third matter is rule, government, and people. They don't recognize the “Palestinian” people… When I say the word “Israel” I thereby recognize that the land of Palestine is “the land of Israel,” that this people on this land is Israeli and not Palestinian, and that the history is theirs… I must not use the word “Israel” excessively. It’s an occupation state. It’s a Zionist entity. It’s the “Israeli state” … Say: “the Israeli government” – that is allowed. Say: “the Israeli political party,” that is allowed. Say: “the Israeli” – that is allowed… But do not, under any circumstances, give [the word “Israel”] the meaning of the land or the meaning of the history that we don’t recognize… They don’t give this to you by saying the word “Palestine.” This land is our land. This people is our people. This history is ours. Ours and not theirs… Avoid excessive use of this word “Israel.”

Posted text on Facebook page: “On three important meanings of why [the Israelis] do not use the word 'Palestine' – with [the program] Pearls with writer and author #Bakr_Abu_Bakr”