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12-year-old Palestinian boy: Tomorrow we will “liberate” Lod

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Text on screen: “I will certainly return”

Official PA TV children’s host Walaa Al-Battat: “Lod (i.e., an Israeli city) is one of Palestine’s ancient cities - 38 km northwest of Jerusalem, 16 km southeast of Jaffa.”

Caption: PA map of “Palestine” that replaces Israel”

Host: “Abd Al-Rahman Baba is a 12-year-old child from Lod. He is living in the Al-Amari refugee camp temporarily, because he is returning to Lod. Lod is inside him, and his yearning is there.”

Abd Al-Rahman Baba: “The Jews stole our land from us, and I have been waiting 12 years already, my father 40 years, and my grandfather has been waiting 70 years… The Jews took our land by force and settled us in the [refugee] camps. I hope to return to Lod, my city…”

Host: “Do you feel that tomorrow we will return?”

Abd Al-Rahman Baba: “Yes. I feel that tomorrow I will return and liberate Palestine…Every day, every minute, and every year I imagine that I’m in Lod... I imagine that I'm playing with my friends, my neighbors, in our backyard. I imagine our home, how it will be... I imagine the Lod Airport that the occupation (i.e., Israel) Judaized and called “Ben Gurion” … Of course we will return and live in those houses.”

Host: “This is the Palestinian child refugee... There is no replacement for the return. Nothing will make them forget the homeland from which they were expelled.”

The map of “Palestine” featured in the broadcast misrepresents the following Israeli cities and places as in “Palestine”: The Galilee, The Negev desert, Safed, Tiberias, Nazareth, Beit Shean, Jaffa, Lod, Ramle, Beer Sheva, and Jerusalem.

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