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PA vows not to change terrorist salaries into social welfare, released terrorists are absorbed into PA Sec. Forces

Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr: "The prisoners are a sacred issue that can’t be touched. Let no one think that it will be transferred to the other institutions – the humanitarian ones or the [PA Ministry of] Social Affairs. This is emphasized by [PA] President [Abbas] at every meeting. Currently, we have begun to absorb the released prisoners into the [PA] Security Forces and the PA’s institutions... This ensures their right as devoted Palestinian fighters, and not as released prisoners who are receiving their salary while being at home...The number [of released prisoners] grew until it reached about 7,300 prisoners. Allah willing, we will absorb them within a short period, and when a prisoner retires, he will do so with a pension of a [PA] governmental ministry or of a civilian institution. Even a prisoner who wants to retire [early], will do so with a full payment, because the rights to which the prisoner is eligible and the salary that he receives are for life... These are [things that] President [Abbas] emphasizes that are not to be touched."

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