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“Jesus… is the great grandfather of the Palestinian people.”

The following text defining Jesus and Mary as Palestinians was written by a PA diplomat Dr. Jabra Shomali, and was posted in English on the Official Fatah Facebook page. All errors are in the source.


“There is no doubt that the Jesus Christ you worship as God is the great grandfather of the Palestinian people… Virgin Mary, the daughter of the Palestinian Galilee, is the Patron Saint of the oppressed and not the oppressor…

John wrote in chapter 4, verse 22 of his Gospel that, salvation is actually to be freed from the racist Jewish doctrines and teachings (sic., John 4:22 states “salvation is from the Jews”). This further indicates that salvation is to be freed from your [Trump] ideologies, the ideologies of Benjamin Netanyahu and of all racist campaigns across the world including the Arabs who follow them… If you [Trump] do not want to fail again in the subject of history, then read the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 15, verse 28, where Matthew wrote about a Canaanite woman at the time of Jesus Christ said to her "O woman, great is your faith!" This woman was a great grandmother of the Palestinian people.”