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Abbas’ Fatah enters 2021 flaunting terror with video of past terror-parade

Caption: “Fatah rally in Salfit”
Lyrics: “We pledge to Allah - we won’t leave!
We pledge to Allah - we will starve to death and won’t leave!
We pledge to the revolution, the revolutionaries, and the public – we won’t leave!
We are a piece of this land and we pledge to Allah – we will never leave!”

Posted text on Facebook page: “Fatah”

This video was posted by Fatah in honor of the 56th anniversary of its first terror attack in 1965, which Fatah also refers to as “the Intilaqa” – “the Launch” of Fatah, which will be celebrated on Jan.1 2021. It shows a Fatah parade that was held in Salfit in December 2019 for the then upcoming 55th anniversary. The Intilaqa is marked every year with parades, and Fatah possibly posted the video of last year’s parade due to the Coronavirus pandemic preventing similar events from being held this year.

The full lyrics of the song also include the following verses:
“We pledge to Allah and to the blood! …
We have caused the outbreak of the revolution, a popular revolution.”

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