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PA daily praises Helen Thomas for calling for Jews to leave Israel and "return" to Germany and Poland

"The old lady in the White House… There is not a person who doesn’t recognize the face of Helen Thomas… The old lady had enough, and she said something nice at the end of her professional career. For a long time she had urged her journalist colleagues to present the truth about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict fairly, and to awaken from their coma of media falsification, but her final declaration at the White House, where a [press] conference was held concerning Jewish heritage, reverberated between the walls of the presidential home. She shouted: ‘The Jews should get out of the lands of Palestine and go back to where they came from. It is occupied land that belongs to the Palestinians; it's not the land of the Germans or the Poles. They must go back to their homes in Poland, Germany, America and wherever else.’"
Note: Following her remarks, Helen Thomas was fired from her job of 40 years in the White House press corps.