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‎“What caught my attention was his heroism” - Palestinian ‎woman marries imprisoned terrorist involved in murder of 8

Manar Khalawi, wife of terrorist Osama Al-Ashqar: "My decision to get ‎engaged to Osama [Al-Ashqar] (i.e., involved in murder of 8) despite his life ‎sentence.‎‏..‏‎ for me this decision is very normal… because [it’s] my duty as a ‎Palestinian woman… to stand by my husband now, prisoner Osama Al-‎Ashqar, and to help and support him on his path to freedom" …‎

Official PA TV host: "How did you get to know each other?" …‎

Manar Khalawi: "Since yesterday when the wedding ceremony took place, he ‎is now my husband… Osama’s name was always mentioned in my family. I ‎wanted to get to know him. I went online and read about him. What caught ‎my attention the most was his heroism. [He was] a young 18-year-old guy ‎wanted [by Israel] for two years. He was one of the most prominent ‎commanders of the second Intifada. At the beginning this amazed me about ‎Osama’s character… We began to get to know each other and like each ‎other... And praise Allah, he asked for my hand and approached my relatives."

The second Intifada – PA terror campaign (2000-2005) in which more than 1,100 Israelis were murdered.