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Result of PA education: Student says "Palestine" is 27,000 sq. km

The Stars - competition between Palestinian universities:
Competition host: "[A question on] general knowledge. The question reads: The size of Jordan is:
1. 30,000 sq. km.
2. 60,000 sq. km.
3. 90,000 sq. km."
Representative of Bethlehem University: "90,000 sq. km."
Host: "90,000 sq. km. What's worrying your [team's] advisor?"
Bethlehem University student: "We disagree about the figure. [Explains his calculation:] It [Jordan] is larger than Palestine. Palestine is 27,000 sq. km. (includes the area of all of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza), and it [Jordan] is approximately 3 times larger than Palestine - i.e., 90,000 sq. km."
Host: "That's a logical analysis. Let's see if the answer is also logical. The answer is in fact correct, and it is 90,000 sq. km." Click here to view