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Imprisoned terrorist murderers are “proud lions… the best of ‎humanity” in poem read by girl in 6th grade

Aya Hatem Arshid, 6th grade: “Dedicated to the brave prisoners…‎
My blessing of peace is to you, prisoners of the prisons
O proud lions behind bars
The homeland takes pride in people like you
Men who have made the enemy taste the cup of bitterness‏...‏
Young people who have waved the flag of victory
And unanimously repeated “Allahu Akbar” before the prison guards
O those who have paid with their lives for pride and victory
Show your fangs, O lions, and the enemy will be defeated
The day will come when the bars [of the prison cell] will regret
And then everyone who oppressed the nation of the best of humanity will be ‎humiliated‏.‏‎ ‎

Posted text on Facebook page:“Jenin‎
Sixth-grader Aya Hatem Arshid from the Al-Zababdeh School for Girls sends ‎a blessing of peace to the brave prisoners on Palestinian Prisoner’s Day
‎[Allah’s] mercies on the Martyrs, release for the prisoners, and healing for the ‎wounded”‎