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PA insists on voting in Jerusalem for PA elections, will put ballot boxes in ‎foreign embassies if Israel prevents it

Fatah Commissioner of International Relations and Fatah Central Committee ‎member Rawhi Fattouh: “Our position [on PA elections being held in Jerusalem] ‎has been clear from the start: There are no elections without Jerusalem… As Fatah ‎Movement Commissioner of International Relations, I contacted all the consulates ‎and state representatives in Jerusalem and told them that maybe, in order to hold ‎these elections… we will place [ballot boxes] at [your] embassies (sic., consulates) ‎and the Palestinian voters will come to the embassies (sic., consulates) to vote. ‎They welcomed this, including the British Consulate and others… I want the ‎‎[Palestinian] citizens in Jerusalem to vote from within Jerusalem and not have to ‎leave to vote in Al-Ram. I want them to vote in Jerusalem. We are working on this ‎politically. There will be no elections without Jerusalem… Jerusalem needs to be ‎included in the framework of the elections. This is a central issue that we are ‎discussing with the international community so that it will exert pressure on the ‎Israeli side. We hope that the new American administration in particular, and with it ‎the international community, will work so elections will be held in the Palestinian ‎arena. For elections to be held in the Palestinian arena, it must exert pressure on ‎the Israeli government to allow the Palestinian citizens [to participate] in the ‎elections in Jerusalem… This time we want it to be more than symbolic – in the ‎sense that the Jerusalem citizens will participate, because there is a conflict and ‎this conflict is political. Therefore, we want them to participate so that we will provide ‎a sort of Palestinian presence and our historical right in this city [Jerusalem], so that ‎it will be the capital of the Palestinian state.”‎

‎[Facebook page of Fatah Central Committee member Rawhi Fattouh, Jan. 15, 2021]‎

On Jan. 15, 2021, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas published ‎a ‎presidential decree setting the dates for Palestinian elections. According to the ‎decree, ‎elections for the Palestinian Parliament (The Palestinian Legislative Council) ‎will take ‎place on May 22, 2021. These elections will be followed by elections for the ‎PA ‎‎“President”/Chairman on July 31, 2021.‎ ‎


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