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PA fake news in real-time: 12 hours after terror attack, PA presents ‎terrorist as murder victim

Itamar Marcus  |

A 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist attacked an Israeli female soldier and tried ‎to stab her. Another soldier shot and killed the terrorist.‎

But by the next morning, the PA had already rewritten history: ‎

“The Israeli occupation forces… executed a young person at a ‎junction next to the village of Hares, west of Salfit… ‎
Young Atallah Muhammad Rayyan, 17, from Qarawat Bani Hassan ‎died as a Martyr after being shot by the occupation’s soldiers while ‎he was at the junction near the village of Hares.”‎

In the entire article the PA did not mention that the “Martyr” was actually a ‎terrorist who attempted to murder. Nor was this mentioned in a second article ‎in the official PA daily about the attack.‎

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed many other examples of PA fake ‎news in real time. When an Israeli soldier tried to protect Palestinian ‎journalists and instructed them to move to safety across the road to avoid ‎oncoming cars, the PA TV reporter mistranslated the soldier’s words into a ‎racist statement, claiming they were told to move because it was not a road ‎for Palestinians: ‎

As a rule the PA presents killed terrorists as innocent “Martyrs,” falsely ‎claiming that Israel “executes them in cold blood.” ‎

The PA was not alone in ignoring the circumstances of the event. The Palestinian chapter of Defense of the Child International (DCI-P) also ignored the fact that the terrorist was shot as an act of self-defense, merely announcing on twitter that " Israeli forces shot dead the first Palestinian child killed in 2021."

PMW has shown that DCI-P does not honestly defend the rights of Palestinian children, but rather has encouraged the participation of the kids in acts of terror and also refused EU funding which demanded that the organization commit that the EU funds would not be given to EU designated terror organizations.

The following is a longer excerpt of the article in the official PA daily:‎

Headline: “Young Atallah Rayyan from Qarawat Bani Hassan dies as a ‎Martyr; wounded people at the Palestinian [refugee] camp of Jenin, at Tubas, ‎and at Hizma” ‎
‎“The Israeli occupation forces continued their violations yesterday [Jan. 26, ‎‎2021] against our people and their property. They executed a young person ‎‎(sic., a terrorist who attempted to stab Israeli soldiers and was shot by them in ‎self-defense) at a junction next to the village of Hares, west of Salfit…‎
Young Atallah Muhammad Rayyan, 17, from Qarawat Bani Hassan died as a ‎Martyr after being shot by the occupation’s soldiers while he was at the ‎junction near the village of Hares. The occupation’s soldiers left the young ‎wounded person on the sidewalk to bleed after he was wounded by a ‎number of bullets, and they did not provide him with first aid. Immediately ‎after the crime of shooting the young person, the occupation’s soldiers ‎closed the northern entrance of Salfit.”‎

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 27, 2021]‎

Atallah Muhammad Rayyan – 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist who ‎attempted to stab an Israeli female soldier near Ariel on Jan. 28, 2021, before ‎another soldier shot him.‎