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Europeans created Zionism “to get rid of the Jewish problem in its ‎lands” – op-ed in official PA daily

Itamar Marcus  |

One of the fundamental tenets of Palestinian Authority ideology is that the ‎Zionist movement was not an authentic Jewish movement but rather a ‎colonialist movement that took advantage of the Jews. The PA rewrites ‎history claiming the western colonialists lied to the Jews and made up the ‎story of Jewish history in the land of Israel in order to trick the Jews into ‎leaving Europe and coming to Israel. ‎

This, the PA says, the West did for two reasons:‎

1.  “To get rid of the Jewish problem in its lands” ‎
Jews were said to be so evil that they brought Antisemitism on themselves in ‎Europe. ‎

2. “To exploit and harness the Zionists for the benefit of the colonialist ‎project … fragmenting the unity of the Arab nation’s peoples”‎
The PA claims that Europe wanted to weaken the Arab world and therefore ‎divided it into numerous small Arab states and planted Israel in the middle.‎

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA at times adds a third ‎reason: The West planted the Jews in Israel to help them steal the natural ‎resources of the Arab world. ‎

This rewriting of history was repeated in an op-ed by a regular columnist for ‎the official PA daily, Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul:‎

‎“One of the most complicated forms of colonialism is Zionist ‎colonialism, which claims ‘first rights’ on the Palestinian Arab land; is ‎based on negating the existence and identity of the native people, the ‎Palestinian people; and is supported by the colonialist West. The ‎forces that comprise this colonialism were gathered from among the ‎members of the Jewish religion who were deceived; the colonialist ‎West and its pawn – the Zionist movement – led them [to Palestine] to ‎get rid of the Jewish problem in its lands, and to exploit and ‎harness the Zionists for the benefit of the colonialist project whose ‎goal is bigger than occupying historical Palestine: Tearing and ‎fragmenting the unity of the Arab nation’s peoples and dissolving ‎the pan-Arab revival project…‎

The Zionist colonialism, which has been crouching over the historical ‎Palestinian land for 72 years… is increasingly striving to deepen and ‎widen the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people and ‎establish its fabricated and false narrative at the expense of the ‎Palestinian people’s identity, history, and heritage.”‎

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 26, 2021]‎