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Libel: Israel aspires to kill PA prisoners

"Rafat Hamduneh, Director of the Prisoners' Studies Center, and Abd Al-Nasser Farawneh, researcher on prisoners' affairs [and Director of Department of Statistics, official in the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs and former prisoner], attributed full responsibility for the Shahid (Martyr) death of prisoner Muhammad Abedin to the administration of the Israeli Prison Services… They emphasized that the Israeli Prison Service, with the support of all elements of the political system in Israel, aspires to kill the prisoners indirectly, or to cause them direct physical and psychological harm… [PA authorities have turned to the UN Secretary General and to the Red Cross]… to save [the prisoners] from the claws of the policy of death adopted against them by the Israeli occupation. But these organizations appear to be helpless in the face of the arrogance and stubbornness of Israel, which acts as though it were above the law, and in keeping with its racist and fascist criteria."