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PA encourage kids to boycott all Israeli products

Palestinian boy, Nabil: “I saw that [my friend] bought potato chips or Bamba – an Israeli [product]. So I told him: “You need to buy our products.”

Official PA TV host: “Palestinian, right.”

Nabil: “Because this way you’re supporting the occupation. He told me: “No, our Palestinian products aren’t tasty.” I said: “Even if they aren’t tasty, you need to think correctly… What is better for you? To eat something tasty that will harm you, or to eat something not tasty but good for you?” He told me: “Of course eating something not tasty but good for me [is better].” I told him: “Implement that idea with the Israeli products and the Palestinian products.” And he stopped buying non-Palestinian products.”

Host: “Bravo! … Nabil, I congratulate you on this.”