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Palestinian banks freeze terrorist’s accounts ‎under new Israeli law. Palestinians express ‎anger that there’s an “absence of any kind of ‎solution for the payment of the salaries” to ‎terrorists ‎

Headline: “As of now there are no solutions for ‎the prisoners’ salaries and the Independence ‎Bank”‎

‎“The search continues for mechanisms to pay ‎the salaries of the prisoners in the ‎occupation’s prison and the released ‎prisoners and to pay the allowances of the ‎Martyrs’ families, after the Israeli military order ‎came into effect determining that measures ‎will be taken against the Palestinian banks if ‎they continue to pay these salaries (refers to ‎the application of much of Israel's Anti-Terror ‎Law to the West Bank, including rendering ‎banks liable to punishment for facilitating PA ‎terror salaries -Ed.)…‎

The implementation of the Israeli military order, ‎in the shadow of the absence of an official ‎Palestinian position or any kind of solution ‎for the payment of the prisoners’ salaries ‎other than through the banks, will turn the ‎prisoners and the banks into victims of this ‎order…‎

Recently a number of ideas have been ‎raised in order to evade the Israeli military ‎order, including appointing the released ‎prisoners as employees in the PA ‎institutions and turning the salaries of the ‎prisoners in the occupation’s prison into ‎allowances that will be paid through the ‎‎[PA] Ministry of Welfare. A decision was ‎made to establish the ‘Independence Bank’ ‎as a national state bank in order to protect ‎the banks from any kind of persecution by ‎Israel.‎

As of now, no new instructions have been ‎issued by the [PA] Monetary Authority on this ‎matter in the shadow of the absence of an ‎official position, which is liable to cause the ‎banks to stand alone against the Israeli ‎military order and any measure that will be ‎taken as a result of it.‎

[The independent Palestinian news agency] ‎Wattan contacted [PA] Government ‎Spokesman Ibrahim Melhem to receive a ‎response from him on the issue, but he did ‎not answer the phone. Wattan also ‎contacted the Monetary Authority to receive ‎a response from it, but it did not respond ‎and preferred to wait until an official ‎position comes out on the issue.‎

The [PA-funded] Prisoners’ Club: No plan of ‎any kind has been formulated yet

In response to this, Chairman of the Prisoners’ ‎Club Qadura Fares told Wattan that ‘We will ‎not allow the prisoners’ rights and salaries to ‎be harmed.’ In order to avoid persecution by ‎Israel, Fares explained that there will be a ‎solution and that currently they are discussing ‎many ideas on the matter, but no plan of any ‎kind or solution for it has been formulated yet. ‎He emphasized: ‘We cannot give statements ‎regarding the ideas that we are discussing.’‎

The ‘Independence Bank’ is pending‎

Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ ‎Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr told Wattan… that ‎one of the options is to establish the ‎‎‘Independence Bank,’ but it appears that ‎this will be useless because there are ‎threats by the occupation against the bank ‎and against the banks that will have ‎connections with it, and because it has not ‎been given a license, which prevents its ‎work from starting…‎

Released prisoner Ahmed Musaffer ‎demanded to find quick solutions to absorb ‎the [released] prisoners into the PA ‎institutions, and to find quick solutions for ‎the salaries of the prisoners who are in ‎prison. Musaffer told Wattan that they met ‎last week with the Prisoners’ Club, the ‎Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, and the ‎‎[PA] presidential committee that was ‎appointed to the matter in order to discuss ‎possible solutions including the state ‎‎‘Independence Bank,’ but according to what ‎they learned it will not be effective and will ‎not operate…‎

He added: ‘We need to have a response ‎within two days from the presidential ‎committee and the [PA] Ministry of Finance, ‎because [otherwise] we will begin to take ‎steps on the ground, since [PA] President ‎‎[Mahmoud Abbas] signed off on absorbing ‎the released prisoners into the PA ‎institutions and currently the names need to ‎be transferred to the PA institutions.’‎
Musaffer expressed the absolute opposition ‎of the prisoners and their relatives to ‎transferring their salaries to the [PA] ‎Ministry of Welfare.”‎

Application of Israel's Anti-Terror Law to the West Bank

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