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The Palestinian terror “struggle” is to “erase the Israeli narrative” of Jewish history in ‎Israel, says PA mayor

Beitunia Mayor Ribhi Dawla:“Beitunia has ‎been at the front of the national activity and ‎the struggle throughout the [historical] ‎periods, from the first moment of the outbreak ‎of the Palestinian revolution, and even before ‎it in the period of the British occupation and ‎the British Mandate… Beitunia has had a ‎significant part [in the Palestinian revolution]; ‎it has contributed national leaders and also ‎prisoners. The first female Palestinian ‎prisoner is from Beitunia, the first house that ‎was destroyed during the occupation was in ‎Beitunia, the most veteran prisoner was in the ‎past from Beitunia…‎

This is our Palestinian identity. This is our ‎heritage. This is the secret of our hold on the ‎land. This is our strength. We will maintain it ‎to erase the Israeli narrative about the Israeli ‎existence in the land of Palestine before the ‎Palestinians. Palestine is for the ‎Palestinians.”‎